9 things you need to know when choosing baby names

Having a baby is an amazing experience. Everything about it from creation (obvs) to birth just turns your heart into this giant balloon filled with love and emotion that keeps growing bigger and going higher. Every day is beautiful and rewarding, even when it’s punctuated with crying and dirty diapers. But you’ve got some homework […]

The actual name of the British Royal Family

Did you know that the British Royal Family is actually the Mountbatten-Windsor family? That’s the name of some of the descendents of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. Prince William, his wife Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge and their two children (Prince George and Princess Charlotte) allĀ have the Mountbatten-Windsor surname as does William’s brother […]

Why Bruce Jenner chose the name Caitlyn

By now we’ve all seen the Vanity Fair story about Bruce Jenner revealing her new identity as Caitlyn Jenner, complete with Annie Liebovitz cover photo and reaching 1 million Twitter followers in record time. But what’s behind the name Caitlyn & how did Bruce Jenner ultimately decide that Caitlyn was the name that best represented […]

The importance of building a personal brand name

Your name is your passport. Gary Vee riffs on the importance of building a personal brand using your own name vs. coming up with a separate brand identity. Some highlights: Do the work to build a strong foundation that your personal identity can sit on top of, instead of trying to growth-hack your way into […]